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What kind of Clothes does Pakistani Community Wear?

Pakistan’s community is very diverse. There are almost different kinds of every kind of clothes can be on the bodies in Pakistan. Different communities may respond in different manners of clothing learning in Pakistan. The national clothes are the most preferred one in Pakistan, but this doesn’t mean that community doesn’t wear a variety. There are a bunch of people who wear American fashion, and another bunch was British. Many regions and casts wear their own tradition, and the chain is not broken. Pakistani clothes are very diverse. Even the foreigners appreciate the fact that Pakistani dresses are beautiful.

What are different designer dresses trend followed in Pakistan?

The trend is not somewhere between a normal line. The trend in Pakistan is always changing. The reason the trend in Pakistan is changing so much is due to the fact there are four seasons in Pakistan. These seasons come and go every four months. So locals have to create clothes that not only display culture but also bears the harsh season that is present in the moment. Rich has already enough money to withstand the season by wearing new clothes. But the poor make clothes that are well balanced, and they don’t have to invest money every time the season changes. They keep their efforts on their work and save their money for difficult times. Trends are followed in the industry are similar to international trend. But being an Islamic countries society doesn’t wear such clothes which is showing to much skin. Such clothes are avoided, and even the designer don’t even force themselves to create such clothes.


What are the national clothes of Pakistani community?

The national Pakistani community dress is shalwar kameez. The kameez is the one which is worn on the upper part of the body it si length till the knees. Consider the kameez as long full sleeve shirt with three buttons from the neck to the middle of the kameez. The shalwar, on the other hand, is similar to the jeans. The shareware is worn from the waist line till the feets. It is much airier than the jeans and stylish sort of the way. Shalwar has many different categories in Pakistan. The kameez may have different designs.

How much difference is present between Pakistani community and the world in clothing?

There is a lot of difference present in online shopping in Pakistan then the outer world in clothing sector. Pakistani keep their bodies under the silk of the clothes. Since we follow the religion Islam in which we are obliged to keep our private body parts hidden. But now as Pakistanis, we have adopted different kinds of designs which full fill our religious duty as well. Different designs keep the society up with the trends. The trend which is most common normally revolves around the national clothes. Shalwar kameez may look different from the outer world actually it isn’t that much just too much cloth is present in the dress itself.

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