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Significance of Microphone Positioning

Microphones resemble real estate residential or commercial property; positioning and location is one aspect which can not be disregarded. If a microphone screening is carried out with a number of positions of the microphone, and the music is tape-recorded, it will definitely show the fantastic significance of microphone positioning.

Actions to remember in pacing a microphone properly

One of the rules of thumb is to position the mic at the side of the mouth of the speaker however as close as possible. However, if it is too close it would pick up undesirable sounds.

For a drum package the setup is various. They are positioned over the heads of the drum package. The basic formation of a drum kit is very methodical. The Kick is put in the center, Snare at center, Hats at half right or right, Cymbals in the left to right, and Toms placed at left to center to right. A drum set is quite large, so the value of microphone positioning is more crucial here, as wrong locations would result is phasing out the music.

For drums the mic had to have the ability to handle High SPL or Sound Pressure level, as sometimes the sound pressure produced by drums can be of extreme nature. For Snares one mic may be put from top and the other from the bottom. Mics need to also be utilized for the Kicks, the Toms, Hi Hats and the Atmosphere.

Value of microphone positioning and the accepted setup for Stereo Recordings

AB Configuration

The easiest form of all the other configurations is the AB kind. Two Cardioids mics are placed a number of feet apart, facing forward, with an angle in between each other. However, this configuration can cause some problems. When the acoustic wave are entering into the mics they may land odd timed with each other causing positive and harmful frequencies. In the recording this may show as beat frequency.

XY Setup

The distance between the two mics causes the beat frequency problem. This setup resolves the earlier issue. Here the two cardioids mics are put near to each other, with a best angle formed at the top.

Binaural Setup

It is an old setup but one of the much better kind of configuration where the music is recreated quite properly. Here, 2 omnidirectional mics are placed apart by a dummy head put in between to show a dummy human head. This setup is a simulation to show how the human ears get the noise and quite readily reveals the importance of microphone positioning in a recording session. The recording is to be paid attention to using headphones.

MS Setup

MS is acronym for Mid or Side setup. It is one of the most interesting of all the setups. For this setup one Cardioid mic or an omnidirectional mic is utilized along with a Figure 8 mic. Figure 8 is a kind of mic where both the left and right channel has a transducer dealing with 180 degree from each other. It is a kind of stereo mic, hence the two channels, left and right, stand out from each other.

An amateur musician can not ignore the importance of microphone placement, as it is the microphone which catches the music and converts it into electrical signals, to be decoded later by the speakers.

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