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Importance of English Grammar

Good English grammar is one of the factors that determine the quality of the article and your conversation.  It affects how well written the article is or how well you are articulating your thoughts in the conversation or a meeting.  It also helps to convey your message well (written or spoken), as grammar allows us to arrange the words in proper sentences, such that these words strings your thoughts that you want to convey in your article.  This ensures that your thoughts and objectives are communicated properly to the readers, hence preventing any misunderstanding.  Translating this to your work or daily life, it means that you will not be misunderstood and get things done faster.

As the above mentioned helps you to gain a deeper insight in understanding and using English grammar, we will move to the next step, on ways to improve the English grammar.


Attending proper grammar classes

One of the most methodical way is to attend proper grammar classes conducted by certified professional teachers.  They will be able to better explain to you on the rationale and concepts for all the different grammar categories.  With better understanding and concepts, you will be able to pick up and improve on your grammar faster.

Parroting Others

One of the best and practical ways is to repeat after those whose native language is English.  This approach is good when you are attending a class and you get to parrot after your teacher or with your close friends who speak English as their native language.  Repeat our loud the whole sentences using the grammar terms such as noun, pronoun, adverb, adjectives after your teacher is also a great way to boost your spoken English.  This helps you to feel a sense of achievement when you are able to repeat after them correctly.  It will also be easier for you to digest what you have learnt.  You will be more confident in speaking English stringed by correct Grammar as the time goes by.

Listen to Audio

Listening is one great ways to improve grammar.  It is one good way to stimulate your brain, using hearing senses, to better help you absorb your learning progress of English grammar.  Listening to audio such as podcasts, can also be done in between your waiting time or during commute, which means that you are making better use of your available time.  This may be one of the motivating factors to use this way to improve your grammar, as you do not need to abide by a fixed schedule to improve your English and you do not need abide by another person’s schedule.  The other flexibility of listening to audio any time, anywhere is one plus point of adopting this way.

The above are some ways on how to improve english grammar.  It will be great if you can adopt all ways, as it will be great to stimulate your brain in improving grammar in a variety of ways, for better understanding of grammar.  Which is the more effective method depends on your own preference.  You may try out all ways and slowly access which way is your favourite.  Have fun learning grammar!

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