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Contemporary Art Cannot Be Assigned Fixed Definition or Boundaries

It was an ordinary day. Nothing was working in my stride at work; so, I decided to call it a day and leave early. On my way back home, I was wondering about things that I could do to pep up my mood. A soothing bath and hot chocolate topped my mind. Absorbed with the idea of finally doing something that pleases me, I reached my home and went to bathe. Thereafter, I treated myself with a mug filled of drinking chocolate, topped with sinful cocoa powder and dark chocolate shavings. It was pure heaven. Thrilled with my little joy of the day, I picked up my mug and dragged my bean bag to balcony so that I could hear the pitter-patter of pre-monsoon rain. It was in the balcony that I noticed my mug. Strange! I had this mug for 2 months and I never noticed its design. Well, to describe, it was a yellow Chumbak mug, with an owl painted on it. It was gifted to me by my boyfriend. I wondered what a marvellous piece of Contemporary Indian Art was kept in my cupboard and how I never noticed it till that day.


Well you must be wondering how a mug can be a piece of art! I ask, why not? After all, everything has something artistic about it. The mug itself would have been a mode of expression for its creator. The one who had painted it would have had a story to tell. Though, it might not have been created by some famous artist, but its bold colours, clear lines and unique design definitely make it a piece of Contemporary Indian Art.

Fascinated with the idea that art is not restricted to museums, galleries and living rooms or bed rooms, I decided to dig in my kitchen to see if some other artefacts were there that I never knew of. Almost after half hour of digging, what I saw was completely orgasmic. I could have never imagined that something so exquisite was laying there in my kitchen. It was a beautiful yellow coloured Musical Owl Dinner Set again from Chumbak. As soon as I saw the dinner set, I remember it was again a gift from my dear boyfriend. What I felt for him at that moment was something that I could never explain. I had never loved him so much. I did not know my guy was so much fascinated with Contemporary Indian Art. I picked up my phone and called him to thank him. As I called him and thanked, he seemed a bit confused. I had to explain that his colourful gifts had brightened my otherwise dull day. Feeling amused, he decided to give me a quick lesson on Indian contemporary Art. And here I am penning down for you what I learned from him.

First things first, to understand things better, you need to know the difference between contemporary art and modern art because people often get confuse between these two. Though, the literal meaning of both the words is same, still one can draw a line by understanding the ideologies behind these art forms. Contemporary art is something that is being made in present era, but there is confusion about how to define this present era. Some critics say contemporary art was preceded by modern art; however, there are some who say that it was preceded by post-modernism. One thing that we must pay heed to while talking about modern art and contemporary art is that we are talking about eras; while post-modernism is not an era. It is a concept and even contemporary art seems to accommodate this post-modern concept. The ideologies of the artists belonging to modern era and contemporary era were completely different. While Modern artists were optimists and tried to resolve the conflict with their art work; Contemporary artists were at peace with situation. They did not want to challenge the situation. They presented it as it is. Their work reflected the conflict that they saw and felt. So, basically it is this difference in ideology that differentiated these two eras.

I think it was really cute and considerate of my boyfriend to take out time to explain the ideologies behind these art forms. I hope we will continue to have these short knowledge sessions in future. I will surely keep you posted about it; till then go on treasure hunting and see what artefacts are laying in and around your house.

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