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6 Reasons Why Air Freight Services Are Better For Shipping

Air Freight Services

When planning to ship any package it’s more important to decide the mode of shipment than the cost. If it’s something which needs to be delivered within a specific time, the shipping mode should be more time effective. So, for all your shipping needs like time effective, cost effective, secure shipping, and reliable, air freight shipping is the right choice.

People planning to ship their deliverable package must consider all aspects of a good delivery system before handing their package to be delivered. There are both pros and cons of every courier type and both need to be taken into account to decide the best. In the meanwhile, the most reliable shipping method is the air freight services for a major part of consumers.

  1. Look for speed

Who doesn’t like it when the courier boy rings the doorbell and places a package that you were expecting to arrive later? For certain things which are meant to reach the destination on a specific time or a special occasion like a birthday gift, the sender needs to ensure the shipping company is fast rather than cheap. Because if you lose the moment the gift will probably be a waste and lose its importance. Comparing the delivery time for each shipping method, air freight shipping method comes out to be the fastest.

  1. Seek reliable arrival and departure times

When you know the exact time your package will arrive, it becomes easier for you to hold onto your horses. So, while finalizing the shipping method for your package delivery, emphasize on this factor. Air freight services promise reliable arrival time and departure times and they constantly update you on any changes.

  1. Wider reach

Many shipping companies which don’t have air freight services do not offer shipping services in certain countries due to unavailability of their services on that particular locations. This might be because of the restrictions that entail on the mode of transport that the company offers like unavailability of roads or sea routes. But air freight services have a wider reach because there’s no possible place where a plane can’t reach. This allows companies with air freight options to offer more shipping locations to their clients.

  1. Insurance premiums

Other modes of shipping have higher transportation time and thus they seek higher insurance premiums. However, due to smaller transportation time of air freight services, the insurance premium for packages is lower compared to other modes of transportation. So, even if the service charge of using air freight is higher, adding the lower insurance charge, the total cost comes out to be cheaper.

  1. Higher security

Security is the prime concern for people who ship their products for delivery.  For deliverables that are delicate and might break with even a small amount of shaking, those are things for which you need security and care. Air freight services take less time and provide maximum security for the safety of your deliverables. Also, for deliverables that are expensive, air freight services ensures zero theft.

  1. Less packaging

Deliverables shipped through air freight services require lesser packaging as compared to other shipment modes because it will reach the destination is very short time. Thus, you’re saving the cost of packaging that you might have spent on for a good packaging.


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