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4 Things You Wish You Knew Before Visiting a Laser Hair Removal Clinic


Everyone wants a beautiful skin that they can flaunt but no one’s happy with shaving, tweezing, or waxing twice, thrice a day to get rid of unwanted hair. A skin without any hair, a hairless bikini line, or a clean masculine chest is what everyone desires. However, shaving twice a day to get a perfect hair-free skin is a burden which no one wants to bear. So, what’s the solution? A laser skin removal therapy for a perfect skin that doesn’t require any extra efforts.

If you’re already thinking of visiting a dermatologist for a laser skin removal therapy, you’ve already made a great decision. But now is the time to take out time and decide what you actually want. People have very high expectations which if not fulfilled leads to disappointment, and this is why people should first be clear about their needs, practical needs which are not impossible to achieve. How would you know that because it’s your first time? We suggest you consult a dermatologist before taking the therapy. And, read the few things that we’re going to share about laser hair removal therapy.

  1. It works well on specific areas

People might have a misconception that laser hair removal treatment will be equally effective in all areas of the body, which is completely a myth. Laser hair removal therapy works well on some areas but the results might not be satisfactory in the other areas. For an example, if you’re focusing on a hairless bikini line or underarm, legs, or arms, you may be lucky but don’t expect much otherwise. According to dermatologists, the areas with thicker skin and thinner hair are difficult to treat.

  1. Patience is the key to success

Seeking results the very next day after getting the therapy is not going to achieve you anything. Patience is the key to success if you want good results from your laser skin therapy. According to some expert dermatologists, one needs at least three treatment sessions within a gap of every six to eight weeks to get a smooth hairless skin. However, sometimes, people may need more than six treatments to achieve the desired result. So, it’s all a result of patience because laser works by damaging stem cells in hair follicles which can be hard to wipe out in just one session.

  1. It’s not for everyone

Laser removal therapy works only on few skin types, specifically the normal light skin tone. For people who have a dark skin tone, it’s suggested not to go for regular skin therapy because it may destroy the dark pigment from the treated area and leave scars which would be hard to get rid of. However, there’s an alternative, people with dark skin color can get laser treatments from clinics which have Nd: YAG lasers which are safer for dark skin color treatment.

  1. Best in winters

After knowing all the pros and cons, it’s not hard to find out that laser hair removal treatments are seasonal. The best time to start hair removal treatment is by the fall of winter or anytime except the beach season when the sun is very active. This is because freshly treated skin can react with sun rays and cause problems. Also, like the hair removal treatment is dangerous for dark skin tone, the same threat applies to those who have a tan or sunburned skin.




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