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3 Ways To Immediately Boost Your Website Traffic

increasing website traffic

  1. Facebook remarketing and custom audience marketing

Facebook is a great promotion tool for all business niche. The fact that Facebook is the highest source of website traffic because of its popularity. Also, most people might not be aware but using facebook you can set up remarketing audiences. The remarketing solution is possible after installing tracking pixels that allow you to keep a note of continuous visitors and create return traffic. All you’ve to do is make an effective marketing plan and remarket to your audience. Also, for remarketing you don’t need a huge audience, the same is possible with a 100 member list too.

Exploring Facebook further, Facebook, internet or email marketing can be a great alternative too. Each business has an email marketing list which they use once in a blue moon to bombard promotional offers to their customers, it’s time businesses put this list to use effectively. Use the email list with facebook and capture all the social accounts of those who have their email address attached to it. Now, because of this step, you’ll be able to market yourself and your product or service onto their mobile devices. And, as we all know that people are more likely to see use their mobile phones rather than their laptops or PC to check their social accounts and the news feed.

  1. Twitter remarketing and custom audience marketing

If you have a twitter account and you’re not using it, you don’t know the degree of mistake you’re committing. Twitter is the second runner up for people who want traffic from social media platform and after Facebook, Twitter is the second biggest source of genuine traffic.

Like Facebook, even Twitter allows you to remarket your product and the process of doing so on both the platforms is quite similar. All you have to do is install tracking pixels into your Twitter account and all your website visitor will be visible on Twitter if they too are using Twitter. The only difference between Twitter and Facebook remarketing is, Twitter will allow you to do so with at least 500 people.

In a similar way like Facebook allow you to target your custom audience using the email list on their mobile devices. And, talking about the result, ask yourself whether it would be more successful or not given the scenario that people are shifting towards mobile devices. Your custom ads in your custom audience mobile device is sure to increase your website traffic. However, the eligibility criteria is a bit tougher on Twitter as compared to Facebook, unless and until you have at least 500 people, you won’t be able to advertise towards them.

  1. Attention to headlines

According to statistics, 8 out of 10 people won’t even look at your ad after they’ve read your headline, which is bad for you if your headline doesn’t have the adequate information. So, what’s the solution? devote your time to perfect your headline and if you do it right, you won’t need to do anything else. Make sure your headline transmits the required information to your audience. So, if they don’t read the entire ad, they know what you want them to do.





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